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I am 27 years old, a mom of three and I want to lose weight. Many of us do, but we do not know how to start. I have a weakness for delishious food but I do not pig out, often. I have to admit I have days I ate more than I should. I must be honest with myself.

 My biggest problem though is not my eating habits, its my level of activity. I work from home making virtual clothing, buildings, making web sites, doing affiliate work, and other assorted busy work. Plus I go to college online. In all it’s way to much sitting down!

I am up and about off and on all day chasing my three kids and playing with them, but I still sit, a lot. Right now it’s worse because it is winter and its cold. Plus in this economy money is so tight!

But I have a plan and I have good tools. So if you are like me, or you have been here, I hope to encourage you. Or if you’d like you can encourage me. I am NOT the most diciplined person on the planet.

Hot french fries, chocolate.. who can resist now and then?

My first tool you are looking at, a live journal where anyone can see what I am doing. If I slack off, please send a comment telling me to stop being lazy, lol. I think it will help to have at least a weekly update of my progress. I am a busy mom, so posting EVERY day might be too much, but weekly is good.

The second tool is a cool visual model I found. It shows how I look now and how I want to look. Its located at: http://www.prevention.com/mvm/main.html

So I customised myself, its rather accurate, here I am..

Weight Loss Goals

My third tool is my handy calorie tracker. There are a BUNCH on the internet but I really like the free one at caloriebalancediet.com . You can even add custom foods and snacks you eat often. One thing I do not like is that things like eggs which have good cholestorol make the tracker think you just went nuts with cholestorol. Plus you might want to tweak the setting to your specific needs if you use it, we are not photo copies, we have needs that differ per person!

My fourth tool is Tony Hortons 10 Min Trainer Deluxe. I got it off E-Bay much cheaper than you could get directly from the store so I am good with that. It should arrive by the end of the week depending on the seller.


Let’s hope the sappy crying infomercial people are not in fact actors of academy award calibur. I got this to slim down without bulking up. I don’t want to win awards for muscules, I just want soft slender but firm curves. And it’s not a skinny blonde telling me to suck in my tummy.

Fifth is my DDR, dance dance revoloution game. Mainly because its so much fun to do. Im not sure it really contributes a lot, but it gets me up and I love to dance and sing.

I also plan to get a YMCA membership so I can swim within a month or two. I love thier steam room it feels soo nice. Plus they have great ab and thigh machines, my two biggest problem areas. 

So thats the plan. Stay tuned!


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When I got married I never expected every day to be perfect. People sometimes disagree and even argue with one another. I knew my husband already had a health problem but I also felt with his positive attitude about life, that we could weather anything, and for a while we did.

About 7 years into the marriage things somehow began to get more difficult, and then a year and a half ago it began to really crumble. It basically hit bottom a few days ago so, I went to my moms for a long weekend with my three kids. Never before did I ever wish more that I could just be free of all the stupidity.  But I am not willing to give up.. and neither is he.. This is the very definition on the “worse” part of the vows of marriage.

I am heading back home tomorrow and I am praying for the arguments to stop. We both have agreed over the phone to make some changes. I have to admit it was my kids that kept me from just telling him to forget it. I never claimed to be perfect but the man is a difficult, much more down, and very unmotivated person with flares of unprovoked anger.

I feel like this is the last path available though. I am trying to be willing to comprimise without just becoming a “Stepford” wife to him. I feel like my “self” is totally being supressed and lost with 3 kids and a demanding husband.

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Tough Times

I know my family is not the only one affected by the current economy troubles. But when you used to have it pretty darn good and you lose it, you feel pretty lonely and frightened. Crying over it only makes it harder to keep working to keep your head above water.

At times I wonder if this is nessesary to remind us that we need to appreciate those good times a little more. I know that from now on.. I will appreciate them.

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