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I have been in Second Life since 2005, and it has completely changed how I think about making money online. Second Life opens up a world of exciting possibilities for the home based entrepreneur.

I did not have a lot of money to start a business with, just a lot of time. I tried all kinds of home business opportunity’s , read all kinds of eBooks, sat on the floor of my local library with a pile of home business books and I found very little that worked out for me.

But Second Life is different, I enjoy creating virtual clothing and buildings for other people to enjoy!

I love going to virtual concerts with live musicians playing over streaming audio. Best of all I love the fact that I earn money all day and all night long, even as I sleep! That’s why I wrote “Your Virtual World Business Guide – Success through creativity in the Second Life world”.

Second Life is even FREE to get and FREE to use!

I invite you to read more by visiting:

If you have questions or need help feel free to contact me personally at cathereinenight@gmail.com and I will try to answer you within 24 but no more than 72 hours.

I also set this book up on an affiliate program to encourage this information to spread and enlighten other talented people who might be interesting in making a living this way. The link to that program for the book is below:



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I have been working really hard on my book about business in Second Life. This morning I recieved the following message;

“Thank you for ordering a proof copy of “Your Virtual World Business Guide,” Book #3357492.
This is to notify you your order has been received and is currently being processed.

Your proof copy will ship to you within five days.

If you are completely satisfied with your proof copy when you receive it and
are ready to make your book available for sale, log in to your CreateSpace member
account and click the edit icon corresponding to your book. Review your books
information for accuracy and click Approve Proof to make your book available for sale.
If you are not completely satisfied with your proof copy when you receive it,
you may make any necessary changes to your files, upload them again and order
another proof after those files have been reviewed.

Best regards,

Talk about exciting! I can hardly wait to get my book in my hands and see the hours
and hours of hard work in a professional material form, ready for the education of
perhaps thousands of new home businesses based in this amazing virtual platform.

What is Second Life? Click Here 🙂

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I made a blog for things specific to my Second Life experiences for both my store and business purposes. The blog related to SL is now HERE – http://cathereinenight.wordpress.com/

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I have a new appreciation for the long time hair designers of Second Life. Do you people even realise how many hours went into that hair you got for $L195 or about 70 cents usd? I just started to make some hair for guys I will have out at my store, AlleyCat Studios, in a few weeks. But since they are seriously lacking in good mens styles  I spent about 20 hours making 1 yes ONE style of hair. Twenty hours in all.

How? Well first you make the style.. then you fit the style, then you do all the recolors for that style, then photograph the style, then box it and set it out for sale. That is a lot of work!

So next time you find that awesome hair, take a moment to thank the designer for making it possible, chances are they spent over 20 hours on it! And we have not even covered marketing the hair..

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From September 27 – October 5 there will be a celebration of life and art called burning life. Burning life is a virtual party of sorts based off the real world celebration called Burning Man which is held in Nevada.

This year my friends Delena and August are joining me to create a theme camp for the event we are calling “The Pimp & Ho Training Camp”. We jokingly came up with the idea to submit in an attempt to get a prime spot. Well.. we got one!

So we are really excited about all the fun nonsense that will shortly commence! We are making tons of freebies for the event, go team AlleyCat Studios! We will have funky pimping music courtesy of August the Mack, and bling pimp cups courtesy of the exotic Delena, decor will be done by me, Cathereine Night, and we hope to kidnap…err.. that is grab… err.. get some people to help with events and atmosphere.

Check us out at Burning Life! (and let me know if you wanna help out)

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SLCC of the Second Life Community Convention is just a few short days away! I am so excited because my husband and I are all ready to go and have a good time. I mean learn… we are going to learn new things.. *giggles*

I am a little dissapointed because so many of my friends will not be able to make it to SLCC, so I guess I will just have to take lots of pictures, as long as those in the photos are ok with that of course. I did notice there are quite a few rules pertaining to that on the official SLCC08 website ( slconvention.org ) and I do not blame some for wanting thier privacy.

There is also the Strokerz Ball ( strokerzball.com ) event thrown by Stroker Serpentine of Strokers Toyz, someone I met way back in 05 who was always a nice guy and who probably does not remember me by now, LOL. Anyways the party is Leather, Lace, and Latex and I am so going.

Im so excited I can hardly wait!

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For whatever reason I think today is going to be a great day. Today will be the day that life will start getting better! Why? Im not entirely sure but I just know it! Even though I did not with the PCH Super Prize.. lol But congrats to the lady who did!

I hope that soon I will be able to present my book to the world. I am writing a book about Second Life with tutorials and illustrations to detail how to start a business for the average person. Writing a book takes a long time!

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