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Well I am tired of having no money, I am going to go to college!

Once I thought that college was a pointless waste of money. I now realise I was both right and wrong on that thought. It is certainly true that you could know the same exact things that a college graduate does without spending all that money to get a degree that states it. However, this is a very difficult thing to market to potential employers if they are basically complete strangers to you.

My family depends on me fully to be a success. Also, I would like to be an inspiration to my three children as they grow and face their own trials in life. The plan is to do whatever it takes within reason to go to college and achieve a Bachelors in Information Technology Systems Management.

To achieve my goals I researched many schools and settled on DeVry University. DeVry has regional accreditation, as well as all on-line classes, and an accelerated yet challenging academic program. The professor’s are working in the field that they are teaching in, and all of that combined was very impressive!

Financially we have nothing to work with after bills are paid. This of course is one major factor leading to college in the first place. I have been actively filling out scholarships and grants to assist in paying for school. I am certainly not afraid to write essays if there is a chance to win money for school. My husband is disabled and can help me watch the kids sometimes, but that’s about it. Nothing will stop me from going, I will find the money somehow.

In  closing, I feel that this will benefit us in more ways than financially in the future. My children must see how important school is, I will have a career that empowers me to be a better person, and my husband will feel like less of a burden is on his shoulders because of his disability. I like to be self sufficient, and I will do what it takes to be so again.


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