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Wow this is so awesome! FREE admission to Disney parks on your birthday in 2009! How cool is that?

I stumbled across it and got all excited since Disney is my favorite fun place in the whole world. Here is the link Disney fans!


Disney Princess Arora

Disney Princess Arora


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Last night my friends and I watched Stardust while logged into Second Life. Its actually pretty easy to rent and watch movies in-world. Anyways there was a part about crossing a wall into this other world where fantasy is real and it really struck me hard that this other side was alot like going from the real world into Second Life.

Afterwards it was late and I needed to go to bed but I had a hard time sleeping. I lay there wishing I could stay in that other side where magic was real and love glows like a star. I tried to remind myself how silly it was to think that way, and duty to vows are reality like it or not but I suppose I am so fanciful that it didnt work.

I think mostly I am just a romantic type of person. The ending of Stardust was so sweet, two people who adore each other living together strong and joyful for all eternity. It embodies all I ever wanted for my own life and why couldnt it be that way? Shouldn’t two people be completely in love, never against one another? Ever facing the worlds troubles as a team? And not like the main character Tristan’s first crush, where the love means one person has to cross the world to bring a star to win the affections of the other…

All I ever wanted was unconditional, strong, unity, a true love.. but im stuck in reality.

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I finally wrote a background story for Halliwell a Role Playing sim that I help run in Second Life. There is a huge focus on actual interaction between people and a story that involves everyone is definatly what I am after. I thought i would share the story here and encourage Role Players to come and join in the fun we are growing really fast!

The Tale of Halliwell

Once, Halliwell was a prosperous middle Kingdom full of people. There was plenty of trade and riches. Nobility flocked to the area with their grand summer palaces nestled in the mountains among the trees. Grand paved roads were patrolled by the finest knights in the land. Even the lowest peasant lived a grand life in the glorious past when Halliwell was the center hub of trade.

The people in Halliwell knew that the prosperity came from the God of Magic. For a long time portions of their prosperity were donated in the Gods honor to improve the land. But slowly the donations dropped off, the worshippers stopped, and the greed in the land grew.

The God of Magic grew angry and turned from the land, withdrawing his blessing and leaving the people to their own devices. Not long after the earth began to shake. At first the tremors were just an inconvinience and they stopped for a while. Then one day a mountain in the chain erupted, the eruption was so powerful the entire area shifted. Roads crumbled, mountains buckled, the people fled in terror without the Gods protection the land was destroyed.

Time passed and the land settled, forever changed. Some of the people returned and began the slow painful process of rebuilding, praying for the God of Magic to return once again. There was definatly a new bounty of magic flooding the area that thrilled the mages and clerics. But would the God of Magic return?

Click the link below if you play Second Life for a Landmark:


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