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The SLCC 08 convention was held in Tampa, FL at the Mariott Waterside hotel. My overall feeling is that it was an amazingly well done event. Those who worked so hard, including all the volunteers and speakers should give themselves a pat on the back, it was superb.

The hotel was gorgeous, the meeting rooms were clean, well appointed, and comfortable. The breakfasts and lunches were delicious and fresh, and the wait staff were courteous and prompt. I mention these things because so often the service in even higher class locations such as this, is typically poor, but not here!

There were some wonderful discussions on each track. Personally I was there for the business track, but I also paid some attention to the education aspects of the convention. One thing that really struck me was how intelligent the Second Life community is. I spoke with so many surprisingly insightful people, It felt like heaven.

I must say that Philip Rosedale is quite the exceptional man. Not only did he create Linden Labs and Second Life, but he also took time to stop and chat with my friends and I for several minutes. I really appreciate it when people who have achieved sucess, do not act as though they are somehow better than everyone else around them, so many do, but not Philip. That fact really makes me want to renew my efforts to do everything I can to be a productive part of Second Life.

Then there was my personal reasons for attending. I met some of the people I knew from SL, most notably my good friend August. If nothing else had come from the trip, that alone would have been worth everything I did to get to Tampa. D and I enjoyed getting to know him in person and it just confirms what I already knew about him, He is one awesome guy!

I also attended Strokers Ball, held by Stroker Serpentine. The party was held a Banana Joe’s, a really popular nightlife hot spot just above the Splitsville bowling alley. I had to see Splitsville considering I built the Second Life version in-world when I worked with Dire Lobo on the project.

Banana Joe’s was in a great location, but to be honest the room was way over crowded! That speaks for the sucess of the party, so next year Stroker … we need more space! The umm.. blow up dolls were an interesting bar decoration, and the goodie bags had err… umm.. *grins* Well in any case I am sure people will be thanking Stroker and his sponsors all year long.

I am a bit sad now that it is all said and done, it was an amazing time that I will keep in my memories forever. The conference, the party, even my trip to see the beach at sunset. I can hardly wait for next year!


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Im very happy right now because I just got paid… and they say games are a waste of time. Ha! Ive been in Second Life about 3 years and my income has steadily grown. But it was never my main focus.. anyways.

This German lighting company called Osram held a contest within the virtual world of Second Life. It was called the 1 Million Linden Dollar contest. Participants were asked to invent a new light concept for Osram. So myself and a good friend of mine decided to enter. There were four rounds to the contest.

First was for written entries that described the basic concept of your invention. Out of those entries 250 were chosen for the next round.

Second round they asked you to build your concept inside SL. They offered building and scripting assistance to everyone. I recieved regular kind inquiries from the contest manager Phar Hand asking if I needed anything.

Both myself and my friend were accepted to the next round. They threw all of the winners a great party to get us excited for the next round. Unfortunatly my friend Delena Paine and I were placed on different teams during this round.

Third round was announced at another party. My team had made it but my friends had not. 😦 Still she was very excited for me. All my friends encouraged me as my team mates and I worked together on the final round. Coordination was difficult with everyones different time zones but we managed.

I created a group to help keep us in order, but Fleche was really amazing at gathering every scattered piece of information and putting it together. We worked together until the very last moments!

Finally the contest end came. The winners for the contest were announced on Monday April 28th, 2008 at 11:15 game time. We each had our pictures taken for each team. Team Orange and Team Blue. We all worked very hard. I was so nervous because I know that the other team had worked just as hard as we had. Those 15 minutes felt like an hour!

But my team Orange were announced as the winners!

We were so pround and happy as we walked to the stage and stood on the winners circle for all to see! Two teammates missed it do to work, I wish I could have seen them again to thank them “in person”.

So that is the exciting news for today.

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