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They say music is the heartbeat of life. In my case I found myself sad this morning and decided to browse youtube for some songs that really couple with how I feel right now. Two by Linkin Park popped into my head.

Sometimes I feel like people who are full of imagination and playfulness are suffocated in this world. Everyone keeps telling me that work and college and saving money, investing, and complete focus on my kids and husband are what a good wife and woman must do. Yes, to a certain degree you have to take responsibility for your life. Kids need to get outside and play and have a great time, but they need downtime where they can play on thier own too. Work is nessesary to pay the bills, and college will get a better salary, but I dont want to trudge to work from 9-5 every day, come home, cook dinner, tuck the kids in, and go to bed and repeat.

I want fun! I want to be able to play a little. I want to create great things and write stories and hang out with my friends. I want to have fun and not be scolded every time I goof off. I still get my bills paid.. I still get my kids out and have fun.. WHAT THE HELL DO YOU PEOPLE WANT? I decided I really dont care anymore. Aside from going to college, which I am, to get a job that pays well enough that I only have to work part time, and I can keep my kids out of daycares. As well as trying to make compromises, many I don’t like, but for the sake of marriage and children. The rest of it I am tired of. I do not want to be like the world says I am “supposed” to be. I tried it, I already feel numb.

Anyways.. Here are the videos I found that really hit home right now.



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Have you ever had the feeling that you have been somewhere before or done something before  but you are SURE that you have not? That is what they call Deja vu. A personal incidence recently had me wondering what exactly makes that happen so I looked it up and found out some interesting facts.

Here are a few of the best, courtesy of Psychology Today and Tesh.com

First, some researchers think jeja vu occurs when two of the brains cognitive functions are out of sync. For example, our brain might recognize a familiar situation, but fail to remember why it’s familiar. That leads to the “I’ve been here before” feeling. But since we can’t remember the event, we think the experience is new – and chock it up to deja vu.

Also, some experts think deja vu is a result of not paying attention. Our brains can take in information more quickly that we can consciously register it. Then, when what’s happening around us finally registers, it feels familiar. Not because we’ve seen it before, but because we’ve already processed it on another level.

It’s most common in people between the ages of 15 and 25 – when the brain is still developing.         
So besides age – what makes a person more likely to experience deja vu?

•    If you have an active imagination and recall dreams easily.
•    If you’re fatigued or stressed out.
•    And if you have an above average education level.

These things all indicate a highly stimulated brain.

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I have had a dream since I first rezzed into Second Life that day in April 2005. I wanted to create a place to role play that followed the styles of my favorite series of books Dragon Lance. I have been in several game worlds since I started hanging out on the internet in 1996. Back then AOL was my world of role play. All it was then was chat based but the feeling was an open imagination type of place.

Since those days all the worlds I tried have been pretty closed. My friends in 96 used to wish there was a way you could actually create the scenes and settings for the role play that was happening. Now that dream is real and getting easier day by day using Second Life.

I wont say Second Life does not have it’s issues, in fact I think they charge more than they should, and have more bugs than an ant farm. But considering the scope of people they handle daily, and what you can do there which is basically ANYTHING you dream up I wont complain. 🙂

With the generosity and help of several people I have spent the last few weeks of all my spare time on creating a sim (island) there called Halliwell. Halliwell is not based off the tv show charmed although the sim’s main contributer Zachh Barkley has a store called the Arcanum there which sells some magic spells based off the show.

It will be the setting for role play I always dreamed of. It opens officially May 9th with a Grand Opening Celebration running through May 11th. Im excited!

Check out my SLX info about it for free 🙂


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