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When I got married I never expected every day to be perfect. People sometimes disagree and even argue with one another. I knew my husband already had a health problem but I also felt with his positive attitude about life, that we could weather anything, and for a while we did.

About 7 years into the marriage things somehow began to get more difficult, and then a year and a half ago it began to really crumble. It basically hit bottom a few days ago so, I went to my moms for a long weekend with my three kids. Never before did I ever wish more that I could just be free of all the stupidity.  But I am not willing to give up.. and neither is he.. This is the very definition on the “worse” part of the vows of marriage.

I am heading back home tomorrow and I am praying for the arguments to stop. We both have agreed over the phone to make some changes. I have to admit it was my kids that kept me from just telling him to forget it. I never claimed to be perfect but the man is a difficult, much more down, and very unmotivated person with flares of unprovoked anger.

I feel like this is the last path available though. I am trying to be willing to comprimise without just becoming a “Stepford” wife to him. I feel like my “self” is totally being supressed and lost with 3 kids and a demanding husband.


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