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Some of us remember the series of beeps and the nails on chalk board screech of our dial-up modems connecting to the internet. Most of us today have a constant always up connection of some kind to the internet. The need for both speed and stability has been rising since the very launch of the internet. There is an entire net culture now that sets frequent users apart from casual users.

We connect to the internet to work, to socialize, to share our very lives with friends and family who are distant from us. We meet amazing people from places we never might have otherwise visited. Or perhaps even if we have been there and walked right past them, we suddenly find them on the internet.

I have always enjoyed how easy it is to get to know someone for their personality first without seeing a face or hearing their voice. As human beings we tend to judge one another based on appearance. Who seems more intelligent on first glance? The polished lady in the business suit or the old frumpy janitor woman in the basement off the office? The lady might be your first choice, but she may have aquired her position based on looks and not really have a clue how to efficiently run the business. While the janitor might be a retired school teacher, who taught on a college level for many years and only took the janitor position part time to keep her arthritis at bay.

You just never know a person until you get to know their personality completely. On that note there is a strange connection that happens on the internet. When  you start to talk with a new friend nearly every day on the internet you get to know their personality. Even if they do not share all of their personal life you just start to know things about how they feel, and if they are upset or not.

What I am not sure about personally is why you start to feel these things about them, and they do the same thing for you if they realise it or not. There are many depths to this type of connection that I find rather frightening in that the person becomes as dear to you as your own best friend next door.

Sometimes I wonder if there is a reason you meet certain people and connect with them. Why in a chat room or game full of people do you specifically start to get to know a person. Its not about only the girl meets boy connection, but about the friend meets friend connection as well. Why do certain people become the best of friends and others who are in the same place and doing similar things, only remain someone you saw before? It is perplexing..


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