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Is it just me… or is there a Hobo at every corner of EVERY Wal-Mart Super Center? Do they take shifts to stand there all day holding up signs that are increasingly ridiculous?


As a christian woman and a people person I want to help the less fortunate. I am not mocking the truely unfortunate, but these people can’t possibly be real! I see the same handful every month, holding up cardboard with things like “Hungry, Will take any food.” or “Homeless.” Well today’s sign was interesting.. This one said “Need Socks.” and to my suprise people were handing the guy $20’s. For goodness sakes.. am I in the wrong business?

Just last year a group of guys used to stand at a major intersection near my house holding buckets labeled “Donation to Feed Homeless Children”. They went to far as to call my mother-in-law a greedy old woman when she did not hand them money! A few weeks later it was in the news. The men were busted for running a false charity chain across several citys in the area and had used the money to buy brand new expensive cars, jewelry, and clothing.

You can not trust these street beggars! Now I am not anti-poor or anti-charity, but you can’t hand money to someone whos mocking you even as you drive off, They think of you as an easy target, taking your money, and using it for their own greedy purpose.

If you do want to give it should be to a reputable charity like your Church, the Red Cross, Salvation Army, Children’s Miracle Network, March of Dimes, or one of those types of places. At least then you know most of your donation will really help someone in need.


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Hurray! Today I turn 27 years old. I think im happy about it although it certainly seems a little too close to 30 for me. My mom stopped at 29 for many years.. I think I understand why now.

With three kids and limited funding I suppose I will just hang out at home and not do any ‘work’ as my treat. That actually sounds pretty nice. Wait it is sunday… I should not lie. I plan to finish a couple small things this morning. Then to listen to a sermon.

I find myself enjoying the live ministry from Lakewood Church on sundays. Joel Osteen and his wife Victoria and all of their ministers there are really positive. I watch it with my family and its alot easier for us right now than it is to get everyone rounded up for a service. Im off to watch it now in fact.

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