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It was a wonderful day yesterday especially in the evening. After spending the morning with family, my kids went over to visit their grandparents except for my youngest so it felt like a good break.

I logged in to Second Life, A game that is run by Linden Labs currently. I have been a resident there for around 3 years in fact. The secret is out! I am a gaming goddess. 🙂

My avatar is named Cathereine Night and I own a store called AlleyCat Studios there. Currently I am working on a roleplaying sim called Halliwell. I often build professionally for companies and individuals within the 3d world. Halliwell is my baby right now, and I am doing it purely for enjoyment and to showcase my skills. I suspect it will be a work in progress.

Anyways last night some dear friends of mine threw me a virtual birthday party. My friend Delena set up a beautiful cake and decorations in the tavern there. My friend Zachh set up a music stream and DJ’ed for me, and my friend August set up a great fireworks display.

All of my friends there make facing my real stresses in life much easier. You could not ask for a better set of friends. What a wonderful place SL is!


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Hurray! Today I turn 27 years old. I think im happy about it although it certainly seems a little too close to 30 for me. My mom stopped at 29 for many years.. I think I understand why now.

With three kids and limited funding I suppose I will just hang out at home and not do any ‘work’ as my treat. That actually sounds pretty nice. Wait it is sunday… I should not lie. I plan to finish a couple small things this morning. Then to listen to a sermon.

I find myself enjoying the live ministry from Lakewood Church on sundays. Joel Osteen and his wife Victoria and all of their ministers there are really positive. I watch it with my family and its alot easier for us right now than it is to get everyone rounded up for a service. Im off to watch it now in fact.

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