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I started my planning on the 25th of February, today is February 28th. I recieved Tony Horton’s 10 min trainer on the 26th. I read through all of the information and safety and made sure all of my accessories were included. I did not start the program until yesterday, the 27th.

I chose the accelerated program which is three 10 min workouts per day with the day of rest being a Yoga set. I also decided to do the first couple set’s without the resistance bands so that I can get used to the exercises.

Im happy to say I got through all of the sets and I worked up a good sweat. I did not allow myself excuses, but I have not felt well the last couple days. Allergies and that time of the month are not ideal, but I don’t see how making excuses was ever going to slim me in time for Vegas in August.

Im so tired of being the chunky pale mom at the pool or beach. I feel more energy than that. Plus my current appearance does not match my attitude and charisma, it hurts my natural confidence.

Today I do another set of three exercises. I am looking forward to it!


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I have been in Second Life since 2005, and it has completely changed how I think about making money online. Second Life opens up a world of exciting possibilities for the home based entrepreneur.

I did not have a lot of money to start a business with, just a lot of time. I tried all kinds of home business opportunity’s , read all kinds of eBooks, sat on the floor of my local library with a pile of home business books and I found very little that worked out for me.

But Second Life is different, I enjoy creating virtual clothing and buildings for other people to enjoy!

I love going to virtual concerts with live musicians playing over streaming audio. Best of all I love the fact that I earn money all day and all night long, even as I sleep! That’s why I wrote “Your Virtual World Business Guide – Success through creativity in the Second Life world”.

Second Life is even FREE to get and FREE to use!

I invite you to read more by visiting:

If you have questions or need help feel free to contact me personally at cathereinenight@gmail.com and I will try to answer you within 24 but no more than 72 hours.

I also set this book up on an affiliate program to encourage this information to spread and enlighten other talented people who might be interesting in making a living this way. The link to that program for the book is below:


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Wow this is so awesome! FREE admission to Disney parks on your birthday in 2009! How cool is that?

I stumbled across it and got all excited since Disney is my favorite fun place in the whole world. Here is the link Disney fans!


Disney Princess Arora

Disney Princess Arora

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I feel a lot happier lately then I have been. I keep praying that this feeling lasts. Bad things are still going on in my life, always setbacks, always something to deal with. But I am attempting to focus on the things in my life that are good.

I am in week five of college and I have an A average in my first class. I feel like this is a big accomplishment. I find it SHOCKING that some of my classmates have a ‘whatever’ attitude. One of my classmates actually told me they don’t like the class so they aren’t trying to get a good grade. WHAT? That class cost $2200 us dollars, I cant see why anyone would not care.

My son has started second grade and seems to really be enjoying it. I bet that wont last but I will take that positive attitude as long as it lasts. :p He is such a smart kiddo, I am so proud of him. I still remember the day he was born. It was a scary, messy, beautiful day, I took him home on Valentines Day. My little valentine..

Money is practically non existent but I am rich in friendships for sure. I am making some friends now at the YMCA. I have tried to go three times a week to work out, get away from my constant sit down job at my computer. Of course I am still overjoyed at the friends I have found on Second Life as well.

I saw a post today on SL Exchange about someone asking what they can do about losing their life because they spent 8+ hours a day in SL, but make way to much money to stop. I do not get that mentality. Second Life is a virtual world its true but the money you make is real, and the people you meet are real. Other than getting fresh air and exercise there should be no reason to feel like SL is taking away your life. But then that’s just me..

Reality TV shows.. now those suck away your life…

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They say music is the heartbeat of life. In my case I found myself sad this morning and decided to browse youtube for some songs that really couple with how I feel right now. Two by Linkin Park popped into my head.

Sometimes I feel like people who are full of imagination and playfulness are suffocated in this world. Everyone keeps telling me that work and college and saving money, investing, and complete focus on my kids and husband are what a good wife and woman must do. Yes, to a certain degree you have to take responsibility for your life. Kids need to get outside and play and have a great time, but they need downtime where they can play on thier own too. Work is nessesary to pay the bills, and college will get a better salary, but I dont want to trudge to work from 9-5 every day, come home, cook dinner, tuck the kids in, and go to bed and repeat.

I want fun! I want to be able to play a little. I want to create great things and write stories and hang out with my friends. I want to have fun and not be scolded every time I goof off. I still get my bills paid.. I still get my kids out and have fun.. WHAT THE HELL DO YOU PEOPLE WANT? I decided I really dont care anymore. Aside from going to college, which I am, to get a job that pays well enough that I only have to work part time, and I can keep my kids out of daycares. As well as trying to make compromises, many I don’t like, but for the sake of marriage and children. The rest of it I am tired of. I do not want to be like the world says I am “supposed” to be. I tried it, I already feel numb.

Anyways.. Here are the videos I found that really hit home right now.


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Well I am tired of having no money, I am going to go to college!

Once I thought that college was a pointless waste of money. I now realise I was both right and wrong on that thought. It is certainly true that you could know the same exact things that a college graduate does without spending all that money to get a degree that states it. However, this is a very difficult thing to market to potential employers if they are basically complete strangers to you.

My family depends on me fully to be a success. Also, I would like to be an inspiration to my three children as they grow and face their own trials in life. The plan is to do whatever it takes within reason to go to college and achieve a Bachelors in Information Technology Systems Management.

To achieve my goals I researched many schools and settled on DeVry University. DeVry has regional accreditation, as well as all on-line classes, and an accelerated yet challenging academic program. The professor’s are working in the field that they are teaching in, and all of that combined was very impressive!

Financially we have nothing to work with after bills are paid. This of course is one major factor leading to college in the first place. I have been actively filling out scholarships and grants to assist in paying for school. I am certainly not afraid to write essays if there is a chance to win money for school. My husband is disabled and can help me watch the kids sometimes, but that’s about it. Nothing will stop me from going, I will find the money somehow.

In  closing, I feel that this will benefit us in more ways than financially in the future. My children must see how important school is, I will have a career that empowers me to be a better person, and my husband will feel like less of a burden is on his shoulders because of his disability. I like to be self sufficient, and I will do what it takes to be so again.

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Women get this wonderful gift each month, some call it a period. Most men have now stopped reading this post.. so ladies… and you curious guys who remain you know what I mean by wonderful..ick. For the obvious reasons it is aweful to get.. and if guys are still reading this.. we DONT want it either ok? So stop with the dirty looks!

Why wonderful? It means no screaming babies in 9 months thats why! Especially if your not ready, or you already have your miracles from the joy of childbirth. (Haha! Who made that crap up Hallmark?) So at that point you are so happy to see red once a month. Especially if your late.. which I was this month and was like Oh my God.. I’ve only done it twice in the last month.. what the heck?

I feel better now… uggg…

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