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SLCC of the Second Life Community Convention is just a few short days away! I am so excited because my husband and I are all ready to go and have a good time. I mean learn… we are going to learn new things.. *giggles*

I am a little dissapointed because so many of my friends will not be able to make it to SLCC, so I guess I will just have to take lots of pictures, as long as those in the photos are ok with that of course. I did notice there are quite a few rules pertaining to that on the official SLCC08 website ( slconvention.org ) and I do not blame some for wanting thier privacy.

There is also the Strokerz Ball ( strokerzball.com ) event thrown by Stroker Serpentine of Strokers Toyz, someone I met way back in 05 who was always a nice guy and who probably does not remember me by now, LOL. Anyways the party is Leather, Lace, and Latex and I am so going.

Im so excited I can hardly wait!


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My professor for Critical Thinking at Devry really impressed me with his parting letter. I felt like it was something really special and I really wanted to share. This is wonderful advice for anyone to remember.


Hello Class:

Thought I’d send some information on careers to close out the course.  Enjoy!!

When Winston Churchill was a young man, his father concluded that Winston was unfit for a career in law or politics because he did so badly in school.

Barbara Streisand’s mother told her she wasn’t pretty enough to be an actress and she could never become a singer because her voice wasn’t good enough.

Conrad Hilton, who created a business empire with his Hilton Hotels, once overheard his father say to his mother, “Mary, I do not know what will become of Connie. I’m afraid he’ll never amount to anything.”

When Charles Darwin was getting ready to set sail on his five-year expedition on the Beagle, his father was extremely disappointed. He thought his son was drifting into a life of sin and idleness.

George Washington’s mother was a harping, complaining, self-centered woman by all accounts. She belittled Washington’s accomplishments and didn’t show up at either of his presidential inaugurations. She was always whining that her children neglected her, and she was especially enraged when her son George ran off to command the army for the American Revolution. She honestly believed it was his duty to stay home and take care of her.

In his youth, the late Leonard Bernstein, one of the most talented and successful composers in American history, was continually pressured by his father to give up his music and do something worthwhile, like help out in his family’s beauty-supply business. After Leonard became famous, his father was asked about that, and he answered, “Well how was I supposed to know he was the Leonard Bernstein!”

People may criticize you or make fun of your ideas or actively try to stop you. Often their efforts are only attempts to protect you from failure. But failure is only a possibility if you stop. If you keep going, a failure is just another learning experience. And besides, giving up on a heartfelt aspiration is worse than failing. “Many people die,” said Oliver Wendell Holmes, “with their music still in them.” That’s true tragedy.

So listen politely to the worries and criticisms of your friends and family, and do your best to put their minds at ease, but then carry on. Listen last to your own heart.  You know yourself better than anyone on earth. Make sure your song is sung.

Good luck in all that you do!



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For whatever reason I think today is going to be a great day. Today will be the day that life will start getting better! Why? Im not entirely sure but I just know it! Even though I did not with the PCH Super Prize.. lol But congrats to the lady who did!

I hope that soon I will be able to present my book to the world. I am writing a book about Second Life with tutorials and illustrations to detail how to start a business for the average person. Writing a book takes a long time!

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I feel a lot happier lately then I have been. I keep praying that this feeling lasts. Bad things are still going on in my life, always setbacks, always something to deal with. But I am attempting to focus on the things in my life that are good.

I am in week five of college and I have an A average in my first class. I feel like this is a big accomplishment. I find it SHOCKING that some of my classmates have a ‘whatever’ attitude. One of my classmates actually told me they don’t like the class so they aren’t trying to get a good grade. WHAT? That class cost $2200 us dollars, I cant see why anyone would not care.

My son has started second grade and seems to really be enjoying it. I bet that wont last but I will take that positive attitude as long as it lasts. :p He is such a smart kiddo, I am so proud of him. I still remember the day he was born. It was a scary, messy, beautiful day, I took him home on Valentines Day. My little valentine..

Money is practically non existent but I am rich in friendships for sure. I am making some friends now at the YMCA. I have tried to go three times a week to work out, get away from my constant sit down job at my computer. Of course I am still overjoyed at the friends I have found on Second Life as well.

I saw a post today on SL Exchange about someone asking what they can do about losing their life because they spent 8+ hours a day in SL, but make way to much money to stop. I do not get that mentality. Second Life is a virtual world its true but the money you make is real, and the people you meet are real. Other than getting fresh air and exercise there should be no reason to feel like SL is taking away your life. But then that’s just me..

Reality TV shows.. now those suck away your life…

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Ever feel alone despite being surrounded by people. Ever have someone you care about make comments that have you wondering if it is only you who really cares? I mean sure.. they are your friend and would never wish anything bad on you but you have a feeling that you would do more for them than they would ever do for you.

And you feel them pulling away and it kills you..

Then all life seems to offer is bleak repetitiveness.. over and over the same pain in your world and with your only relief pulling away you grasp for other things to try to make you happy. Then you start to wonder if your just a silly fool for placing all your hope for simple joy into one person… your dear friend who.. perhaps does not hold you as dear. Cares but…

There is a place I have come to where many of the things that used to make me happy no longer do. The only thing thats kept me sane is a friendship and I feel like I am even losing that. I want to curl up and cry and I feel so weak.. I wont curl up and cry of course… but I wish I had the luxury.

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Well I am tired of having no money, I am going to go to college!

Once I thought that college was a pointless waste of money. I now realise I was both right and wrong on that thought. It is certainly true that you could know the same exact things that a college graduate does without spending all that money to get a degree that states it. However, this is a very difficult thing to market to potential employers if they are basically complete strangers to you.

My family depends on me fully to be a success. Also, I would like to be an inspiration to my three children as they grow and face their own trials in life. The plan is to do whatever it takes within reason to go to college and achieve a Bachelors in Information Technology Systems Management.

To achieve my goals I researched many schools and settled on DeVry University. DeVry has regional accreditation, as well as all on-line classes, and an accelerated yet challenging academic program. The professor’s are working in the field that they are teaching in, and all of that combined was very impressive!

Financially we have nothing to work with after bills are paid. This of course is one major factor leading to college in the first place. I have been actively filling out scholarships and grants to assist in paying for school. I am certainly not afraid to write essays if there is a chance to win money for school. My husband is disabled and can help me watch the kids sometimes, but that’s about it. Nothing will stop me from going, I will find the money somehow.

In  closing, I feel that this will benefit us in more ways than financially in the future. My children must see how important school is, I will have a career that empowers me to be a better person, and my husband will feel like less of a burden is on his shoulders because of his disability. I like to be self sufficient, and I will do what it takes to be so again.

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I finally wrote a background story for Halliwell a Role Playing sim that I help run in Second Life. There is a huge focus on actual interaction between people and a story that involves everyone is definatly what I am after. I thought i would share the story here and encourage Role Players to come and join in the fun we are growing really fast!

The Tale of Halliwell

Once, Halliwell was a prosperous middle Kingdom full of people. There was plenty of trade and riches. Nobility flocked to the area with their grand summer palaces nestled in the mountains among the trees. Grand paved roads were patrolled by the finest knights in the land. Even the lowest peasant lived a grand life in the glorious past when Halliwell was the center hub of trade.

The people in Halliwell knew that the prosperity came from the God of Magic. For a long time portions of their prosperity were donated in the Gods honor to improve the land. But slowly the donations dropped off, the worshippers stopped, and the greed in the land grew.

The God of Magic grew angry and turned from the land, withdrawing his blessing and leaving the people to their own devices. Not long after the earth began to shake. At first the tremors were just an inconvinience and they stopped for a while. Then one day a mountain in the chain erupted, the eruption was so powerful the entire area shifted. Roads crumbled, mountains buckled, the people fled in terror without the Gods protection the land was destroyed.

Time passed and the land settled, forever changed. Some of the people returned and began the slow painful process of rebuilding, praying for the God of Magic to return once again. There was definatly a new bounty of magic flooding the area that thrilled the mages and clerics. But would the God of Magic return?

Click the link below if you play Second Life for a Landmark:


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