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I started my planning on the 25th of February, today is February 28th. I recieved Tony Horton’s 10 min trainer on the 26th. I read through all of the information and safety and made sure all of my accessories were included. I did not start the program until yesterday, the 27th.

I chose the accelerated program which is three 10 min workouts per day with the day of rest being a Yoga set. I also decided to do the first couple set’s without the resistance bands so that I can get used to the exercises.

Im happy to say I got through all of the sets and I worked up a good sweat. I did not allow myself excuses, but I have not felt well the last couple days. Allergies and that time of the month are not ideal, but I don’t see how making excuses was ever going to slim me in time for Vegas in August.

Im so tired of being the chunky pale mom at the pool or beach. I feel more energy than that. Plus my current appearance does not match my attitude and charisma, it hurts my natural confidence.

Today I do another set of three exercises. I am looking forward to it!


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Have you ever had the feeling that you have been somewhere before or done something before  but you are SURE that you have not? That is what they call Deja vu. A personal incidence recently had me wondering what exactly makes that happen so I looked it up and found out some interesting facts.

Here are a few of the best, courtesy of Psychology Today and Tesh.com

First, some researchers think jeja vu occurs when two of the brains cognitive functions are out of sync. For example, our brain might recognize a familiar situation, but fail to remember why it’s familiar. That leads to the “I’ve been here before” feeling. But since we can’t remember the event, we think the experience is new – and chock it up to deja vu.

Also, some experts think deja vu is a result of not paying attention. Our brains can take in information more quickly that we can consciously register it. Then, when what’s happening around us finally registers, it feels familiar. Not because we’ve seen it before, but because we’ve already processed it on another level.

It’s most common in people between the ages of 15 and 25 – when the brain is still developing.         
So besides age – what makes a person more likely to experience deja vu?

•    If you have an active imagination and recall dreams easily.
•    If you’re fatigued or stressed out.
•    And if you have an above average education level.

These things all indicate a highly stimulated brain.

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